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About Us

Lefty Talents Group is a software development, design and digital marketing company that leverages on new technologies as the key driver to create compelling ideas to realize visions.

Software Development

We offer App-as-a-Service (AaaS) in the form of industry or job-specific configurable apps to help you achieve significant productivity gains.

Online Marketing Solutions

Capitalize on first mover advantage with us using new advertising channels such Gmail Ads and other social media platforms.

Innovation Advisory Services

We are here to address the critical needs of your various business and corporate functions by offering innovative solutions.


We provide end-to-end solutions to help you build, market and sell your
products & services.

Lefty Talents Group

A One-stop Shop

With a strong in-house team of developers, designer and marketers that has over 20 years of combined hands-on experience assisting many brands & businesses from different regions.

Responsive Mobile / Web Design
Social Media Marketing
Big Data Analysis
Business Innovation Strategy
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Programmatic Advertising

Our Services

Leveraging on Infocomm Technology (ICT), we built our solutions around a number of core elements to offer a suite of services every business demands.

Chatbots/Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Wide range of applications from Facebook Messenger Concierge Service to automation of workflow processes.

Ecommerce/Mobile Commerce

Getting your online shop up and running within days is an easy task for us. You are just a call away.

Mobile/Web Development

Have a novelty idea but can’t find anyone to build for you? Call us for a FREE consultant today.


Using game elements to motivate and create deeper engagement with your customers or employees.

Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM)

Still the most effective advertisement method. 86% of users globally use email more than any other type of digital activity.


Let us help you take advantage of the largest social networks to meet your marketing campaign objectives, including WeChat.

Customized Enterprise Solutions

We are not just a solution provider. We help you to solve your business case using Google Design Sprint.

E-learning Course Design

Interactive online training curriculum integrated Learning Management System (LMS) to provide an effective learning experience.

B2B Advertising - LinkedIn/SEO/SEM

Let your clients find you easily online on professional publisher platforms. Convert the traffic to your website into sales.


Our Mission is to transform your business to embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution (Cyber-physical Systems)! 

Lefty Talents Group

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Technology

A small and portable fingerprint scanner device with no battery needed. Attach to any smart phones or tablets to equip yourself with a mobile tracking solution.

A rapid-deployment solution to take workforce management and scheduling mobile to accomplish any field service work.

Time & Attendance Taking

Synchronized via cloud real-time to be accessed by the supervisors at different fields to optimize scheduling and reduce costs.

Real-time Location Tracking

Provide the client with visibility into field operations and unifies the fields and office on a single mobile platform.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Generate reports for the company with actionable insights and accounts department for accurate billing.

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A maintenance regime system to conduct regular servicing to prevent downtime and pre-alert you of low inventory level powered by our predictive algorithm.

Condition-based Maintenance

Advance notification to carry out regular servicing for machines and equipment to comply with MOM calibration schedule to avoid potential disruptions.

Predictive Inventory Control

Provide basic servicing parts inventory level at all times, trigger maintenance alerts to protect their equipment to keep costs within expectations.

Damage Reporting

Instant reporting of damage to relevant operating parties improves the efficency and better control costs.

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A security patrolling system that enables the supervisor to manage guards on the ground at multiple locations using the combination of Biometric fingerprint scanner and Near Field Communication (NFC) tags.

Remote Management

Notify supervisor with real-time alerts via cloud technology to ensure the guards on the ground dutifully accomplish their rounds.

Reminder Alerts

Allow the guard to set reminder alerts to notify himself when it’s time to go for patrol.

GPS Independent

Use of NFC tags remove indoor tracking problem and the problem of owning devices that become fast obsolete over time.

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Mobile Marketing CRM Solution

A referral mobile app to enable service-orientated businesses to generate more sales leads by facilitating word-of-mouth referral with its reward points system.

Generate Quality Sales Leads

Get new customers using Refer-a-Friend feature.

Unlimited Push Alerts

Initiate self-service ad-hoc
marketing campaigns anytime.

Steamline Workflow

Improve efficiency; less time needed to find paper records.

Own App, own branding

Build up your brand value by owning your own apps on app stores.

Targeted Advertising

Send timely promotions to clients of the right demographics.

Rapid Deployment

Fast set up with Content Management System (CMS)


Gmail Ads (Gmail Sponsored Promotions)

Gmail Ads a.k.a Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) allow you to advertise in the Promotion tab of Gmail users while they are checking their personal emails on desktop and mobile.

Domain Targeting

Target your competitors’ mailing lists by setting their domains as your target keywords. 

Effective & Efficient

Deliver relevant advertisements to reach the right customers in the right context.

High Returns-of-Investment

Cost efficient pricing lowers Cost-per-Click (CPC) with higher open rate improves ROI.


Gmail Ads Campaigns Completed


% Achieved Higher ROI


Happy Clients


% Repeat Customers

  • Up to 70% for Customized IT Solutions & Business Strategy Innovation under Capability Development Grant (CDG) from Spring Singapore.

  • Up to 70% for Customized IT Solutions & Business Strategy Innovation under Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) from Enterprise Singapore.

  • 70% funding in Digital Advertising under Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant from IE Singapore.

  • Up to 70% subsidy for Workplace Transformation Programmes (WTP) under SAPPHIRE from Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF).

  • Up to 70% subsidy for Technology-enabled Workplace Transformation Programmes under SAPPHIRE Digital from Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF).

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Innovation Journey

Follow us to see how a simple idea can evolve into a novelty product or solution using
Design Sprint by Google Ventures.

What are the steps of a design sprint?

5The 6 Sprint Stages

6 stages-2

The whole process is iterative, time-bounded and user focused — kind of like agile development for Read more

Have you heard of Design Sprint from Google Ventures?

1-15URq2dYk6l6ZIAe5p-Z7gDesign Sprint by Google Ventures

Google Sprint Design is the same methodology Google uses to develop their new products and whether to invest in new startups.

Google Ventures developed an intensive 5-day Design Sprint to help their portfolio companies get started, get unblocked, and develop new directions for their products and services. Read more

Design Challenge

Picture3Let’s begin our Design Challenge.

Is it going to be a design audit on an existing product or are you going to build something new?

Regardless of which mission you have embarked on, crafting a challenge statement is just as important.

A great design challenge strikes a balance between providing clear direction and enabling creativity. It never prescribes a particular solution.

Read more


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