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SAPPHIRE Consultancy Service

To drive workplace transformation, SAPPHIRE will provide companies with five workplace transformation programmes (WTP) through their consultancy services. The consultancy services, up to 100 hours, will include diagnosis, development of solutions and interventions, as well as measurement of improvements achieved.

Companies interested to embark on WTP will have to identify a Human Capital Champion to partner SAPPHIRE in developing and implementing any of these five programmes:

Companies embarking on the WTP can receive 70% subsidy from WSG for up to 100 consulting hours. Companies will pay a nett fee of $3,210 (including GST) after subsidy. This will be applicable for SMEs and non-SMEs.


Integrates investments in technology with the culture, skills upgrading and work practices to increase the capacity for growth. Programme elements include:

• Change work practices
• Train workers to handle more machines/technology
• Leverage technology to introduce new business models, e.g. e-commerce


Integrates lifelong learning into the culture of the organisation that continually renews the skills profile of its human capital to build new capabilities for business growth. Programme elements include

• Company-wide training roadmap
• Personal training plan
• Tap on SkillsFuture programmes
• Workplace learning

Lean Operations

Integrates lean management mindset and practices into the operations to reduce wastage of all forms for a sustainable business. Programme elements include:

• Six-Sigma and Just-In-Time
• Business Process Re-Engineering
• Quality-Control Circles (QCCs)
• New business models that are less labour-intensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Companies can apply for the SAPPHIRE programmes if they are legally registered or incorporated in Singapore. This includes societies and non-profit organisations such as charities and voluntary welfare organisations.
The consultancy service that can take up to 100 consulting hours, comprises three phases: – Project Kickstart to Diagnosis
-Develop Solutions to Implement Interventions, and
-Recommend other schemes beyond SAPPHIRE interventions.
Funding support is only available for the first 100 consulting hours. Beyond 100 hours, organisations can tap on other grants or top-up the remaining consultancy hours at a rate of $107/hour (inclusive of GST).
Yes, an organisation may be able to select a consultant to work with; subject to the review and approval of SNEF.
Consultants are selected and appointed based on their track record and portfolio under strict criteria that is aligned to SAPPHIRE objective.
An organisation may embark on more than one WTP; subject to approval by SNEF. However, the organisation will need to complete one WTP before embarking on the second WTP; subject to approval by SNEF.
Each WTP preferably has to be completed within six months.
If you would like to find out more about SAPPHIRE – Workplace Transformation Programmes (WTP) from Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), you can click here to get more details.

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