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SAPPHIRE’s Technology-enabled Workplace Transformation Programme (SNEF Digital)

SNEF Digital can help to equip the workforce with digital proficiencies and to build workplace processes to take advantage of digitalisation though better internal collaboration, decision making and customer awareness.

Supported by Workforce Singapore, companies enjoy 70% funding support for consultancy (up to 100 hours per project) under the SAPPHIRE grant or SNEF Digital grant.

Integrates the application of digital technology into organizational work practices, digital skills upgrading, enhances the use of data analytics for dashboarding and decision making purposes.

This includes improving customer experience, engaging more customers and expanding market share, to increase the capacity for growth.

Digital Workforce and Workplace

  • Digital Transformation for Business Leaders
  • Digital Workplace Skills for Mid-Managers
  • Digital Workplace Skills
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Learning

Digital HR

  • Hire Better Using Data Analytics
  • Applied Data Management, Analytics and Reporting
  • Lean Manpower Planning through Data Analytics

Digital Workplace Transformation

PHI based transformation programme

Where can I find out more about WTP?

If you would like to find out more about SAPPHIRE’s Technology-enabled Workplace Transformation Programme (SNEF Digital) from Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) or other grants from SNEF, you can click here to get more details of SNEF grants.

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